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Rolling mosquito nets

Another type of mosquito nets, which are less common framework, however, is much more practical. This mosquito net is installed on the window frame and, if necessary.  Can be twisted into a roll by using a special mechanism. The shaft, which in this case is a grid, is set on frame of the box, so it does not interfere in the twisted state. Less polluted and does not spoil the appearance of the window.

The disadvantage of such a mosquito net is only its price. Which is caused by the presence of complex mechanisms and a variety of plastic profiles. But how is nice to use it!

mosquito net in Hurghada
mosquito net in Hurghada

The pleated mosquito nets

The pleated mosquito nets it became a new word in the protection against insects doorways and foreign particles from the street (insects, dust, etc.). These products are functional, practical, comfortable and beautiful. Pleated mosquito net opens up many design options openings. It can have a variety of colors and patterns. The aesthetic quality of these devices fully comply with modern concepts of interior design.  This elegant and stylish protection from insects in the house.

Frame mosquito net

Frame mosquito net are made for standard window doors  and it looks like a lightweight design from the plastic profile.

Mosquito Net can be different diameters grid cells, which are able to fully ensure the impossibility of penetration of insects (insects, debris). From the street into the room, and – on the other hand – to make unobtrusive mesh installed both inside and outside. It is easily removed and cleaned by normal a jet of shower.

mosquito net in Hurghada

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