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window in Hurghada

Our products are specially designed to fit the Egyptian climate. We are the only window factory in Hurghada that has its own production in the territory of this city, this is very important especially in case of unforeseen situations. The windows in Egypt have some differences from the standard ones, because there is no winter here, but the scorching sun and winds during the hamsin season bring a lot of trouble.

From bright direct light, ordinary windows can start to emit an unpleasant odor, and even at high temperatures can be deformed. In the autumn, the wind season begins, and it is unlikely that someone will like to fall asleep to the sound of glass rattling, when every second it seems that a little more and they can not withstand the onslaught. Not to mention the fact that this wind will lift into the air a huge amount of sand and dust, and sometimes larger objects. With poor insulation in the morning, a wet cleaning awaits you, which still will not help, because with the next gust of wind, your room will again turn into a kind of desert.

And of course, we can’t keep silent about the local flavor in the form of sellers of gas cylinders who drive on the roads and knock on these cylinders with an iron stick in order to notify the entire area of ​​their arrival, as well as the habit of some people to scream across the street. A separate surprise awaits those who live near the road or construction site. Buses from 5 in the morning until late in the evening, and taxis (around the clock) signal absolutely every pedestrian. And builders sometimes start work at 4-5 in the morning, because the heat of the day does not allow them to work fully.
That is why buying good windows in Hurghada is not a luxury, but a clear necessity.

All our PVC windows have various opening mechanisms, all German-made fittings. It is also possible to order colored glass. For windows with one glass – free of charge, with two glasses 250-300 l.e.

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